Monday, June 7, 2010


The last several weeks we have FINALLY moved into our new home. A courtyard home (aka condo) ~ my new cottage!  I have really depended on Mr. B a great deal and he has really really been patient with my "to do" list.  The list seems to be growing daily and the unpacked boxes seem to grow along with it!

Driving home today I noticed we now have a "Gigi's" and decided to take a gander. Oh my goodness, this place specializes in CUPCAKES. My initial thought was, Mr. B has a sweet tooth and since he has been so patient and helpful he certainly deserved a surprise dessert.   The intent was honest, buy "one" cupcake.   Well, the choice was slim being at the end of the day but the cupcakes in the case were covered in chocolate chips with tons of fluffy icing.  I turn my head and what do I see, one beautiful  pink cupcake, also covered with chocolate chips. (Mrs. B has been working really hard too ... so I walked out with two cupcakes.

Supper was not over quick enough . . . I had to bite into the dessert.  Strawberry icing and in the middle,  creamy, dark chocolate, did I say "chocolate" icing?  Mrs. B indulged and will have to do extra time on the treadmill but worth every minute!